Celsius Network is a decentralized lending platform founded in 2017. They offer many services including Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin lending where you can earn interest on your Cryptocurrency investments, Cryptocurrency backed loans where you can use your Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin to secure $ loans using your Cryptocurrency as collateral with competitive interest rates.

  • Celsius Network gives you the opportunity to unbank yourself. Their founder Alex Mashinsky is a very successful businessman who has had great success in the past with businesses such as VOIP (Voice over internet protocol).

  • Celsius Network offers excellent interest rates for both the lender and the borrower. This is just the start however with many more services on the horizon including cashback on Cryptocurrency transactions.

Best thing about Celsius Network: Earn interest of your Cryptocurrency with competitive interest rates. Also, there are no withdrawal fees.

Worse thing about Celsius Network: Does not allow you to compound your interest.